Brian Sayatovic

2809 Highcrest Ct
Cincinnati, OH 45251


Senior position where my accomplished experience in software architecture, design and development will achieve speed, quality and success.


Jan 16 – Present   IPC / PLXIS, Cincinnati OH
Software engineer responsible for high volume payment processing integrations for major international quick service restaurant.  Maintained and evolved payment processor integrations processing $25M every day for thousands of stores.  Utilized paired-programming, TDD and DevOps methodologies.  Participated in on-call rotation, reacting to rare pages, triaging, fixing and communicating with partners.  Researched and implemented additional integrations to domestic and international payment processing partners.  Migrated keystone processing technology to the cloud (AWS) critical to goal of shutting down co-located hosting.  Adhered to PCI DSS security standards. Performed daily environment reviews, triaging problems.  Continuously improved monitoring and review tooling to expedite detection and triage.
Jun 09 – Dec 16Credit Infonet, Inc., Dayton, OH
Senior application architect, specifying and implementing architecture and design in a small-to-mid size team. Initiated and participated in several major and minor internal and external systems.  Started with small team building public facing ASP.NET MVC site facilitating attorney-client communications, built upon existing systems.  Next co-architected new, ground-up practice management and form generation system.  Architected to allow for multi-tenacy, multiple verticals and several client interfaces.  Work with one other to integrate public telephony system with enterprise data.  Championed evolving towards SOA, including many new services and adapting existing functions, including payment processing and address scrubbing.  Spearheaded new, unified, single-signon internal modular administration interface. Established continuous integration and automated deployment practices, providing consistent, repeatable builds and one-button deployments.  Standardized logging and leveraged Splunk, reducing production support turn-around times.  Performed ad-hoc mentoring and code reviews.  Researched new technologies, including Angular2, Unstructured Web Data Acquisition.
.NET, ASP.NET, MVC, WCF, Silverlight, XAML, NHibernate, DDD, TDD, Jenkins, T-SQL, MS SQL, IIS, Splunk
Jan 03 – Jun 09 American Modern Insurance Group, Inc., Amelia, Ohio
Senior application designer architecting, designing and building enterprise web applications to meet business needs. Worked with design team to guide development of primary revenue channel, modernLINK, serving thousands of users as well as smaller applications focused on specific business needs. Refactored existing ACORD XML web service to support multiple partners allowing for millions in revenue via web service. Most recently focusing on improving code quality and turn-around time by co-championing the company's move towards test-driven development and continuous integration. Promoted sharing of institutional knowledge by spearheading internal Wiki, conducting lunch & learns and mentoring developers. Regularly invoked in solving difficult or sensitive problems.
Java, J2EE, JUnit, MVC, Struts, Hibernate, Spring, Jenkins, WebSphere
Jan 01 – Dec 02 divine, Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio
Member of N-tier, J2EE, ASP-hosted eCRM application development team. Responsible for maintenance and refactoring of computer-telephony interaction channel accounting for millions of interactions. Recruited to team tasked with cluster support. Member of an extreme programming team that initiated, prototyped, developed and delivered a web-based self-service product. Integrated native third party natural-language engine through JNI. Worked with management to formalize development cycle. Created multi-team development environment consisting of StarTeam source control, Ant build process, JUnit testing and loosely coupled component philosophy.
Java, J2EEm JUnit, WebLogic, Lucent TAPI
Dec 99 – Jan 01 Quicksand Development, LLC, Cincinnati, Ohio
Full time software engineer responsible for customer administration portion of remote website monitoring service. Refactored server-side logic of web-based user interface for maintainability and feature addition. Used custom Model-View-Controller framework coupled to remote application modules via RMI. Researched and developed proof-of-concept Internet Explorer add-on technology implemented with COM objects created in Visual C++.
Java, Java Servlets, RMI
Oct 96 – Nov 99, Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio
Full time senior software engineer and former part-time co-op. Initiated design and development of patented online tee time reservation system. Designed and improved existing e-commerce and WWW-based community communication packages. Acted as system administrator, network administrator, webmaster, software engineer, and programmer. Responsible for maintaining small internal Windows network. Managed remotely located servers hosting DNS, WWW and e-commerce software. Development primarily done using ASP and Microsoft SQL Server.
ASP, Perl, MS SQL, IIS, Exchange

Skills & Interests

  • .NET Technologies (.NET, C#, WCF, Visual Studio, XAML, Silverlight, MVC, NHibernate)
  • Java technologies (Java, Groovy, JUnit, JDBC, Hibernate)
  • Other Technologies: Splunk, Ansible, Terraform, AWS, Docker, VictorOps, jQuery, SQL, Jenkins, Ant, Windows, MacOSX, Unix
  • Development Methodologies: Paired Programming, Domain Driven Design, Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration


University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio. College of Engineering Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering, June 1999.